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        If there's a city that can be called the "heart" of Metro Manila, it would be Makati. Situated at the center of the region, Makati is bounded by Pasig River to the north, Manila on the northwest, Pasay City on the southwest and south, and Pateros to the east.

        Even though it's a "center" in more ways than one, Makati is surprisingly small. Making up only 4.3 percent of Metro Manila's total land area, the city is made up of 33 barangays divided into two legislative districts.

        Makati is Very Accessible…and that's an understatement. If you're coming from NAIA 3, for example, you can drive to the city via the NAIA Expressway Phase 1. You can also get to Makati via bus, jeepney, train, MRT and your private vehicle.

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        As you know, Makati is the financial center of the Philippines. Naturally, that status lends it a certain attraction to top companies, almost 40 percent of which are headquartered in the city. You can find most of them in the Central Business District, though some are hosted by the likes of Rockwell Center in Barangay Poblacion.

        Around a third of Makati's land area is residential. This is followed by commercial and mixed use areas, which make up 14.83 and 14.60 percent, respectively. The rest are divvied up between riverside development areas, government centers, recreational spaces, institutions, etc.

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        Makati is clearly the most progressive city in the country today  - this area has a different vibe of its own. It stirs up a lot of activities in culture, arts, dining, entertainment, business, tourism, retail and finance, among others.

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        Makati Metro Manila Condos Price List

        Makati Metro Manila Condos Price List
        Property Name
        Price (₱)
        Developer Name
        8,800,000 PHP
        New San Jose Builders Makati,Metro Manila, Victoria De Makati